Holiday Undecorating

Tis Almost the Season

Leaves are falling and Halloween candy is everywhere. That means just one thing: holiday decorating is around the corner. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, it’s a retailer’s delight. Not so much for this designer.


While I understand the desire to be festive and fancy when families and friends gather over the next two months, I have to admit, it’s not my favorite thing. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate pretty, sparkly accessories as much as the next gal. But the overwhelming displays in our favorite stores, not to mention the storage issue created by years of accumulated stuff, makes me hold back just a little. I like to keep it basic. I want my home to be a year-round attraction. One or two accessories is usually enough to set the mood. But I get it, sometimes it’s not just about you. My kids love all the exciting elements that go with the holidays, so oblige I do. But with my own twist. Our home is retro chic that means so is my tree – I love to highlight our personal style and one that still matches the rest of my design and furniture. Sigh, one day I’d love to do a teal blue tree with white accessories though.


While I firmly believe this time is about love, family and a lot of good food, there are some things you can do to make sure your heart and your home are in the spirit. Here are some of my tips for how to decorate (or undecorate) this season!


Get Crafty

Mass merchandise has its place – how else can you make sure your house lights up brighter than your neighbors. But you can’t beat a personal touch. A sentimental piece from the past is always great. Don’t have one?  Then get your Pinterest on. I’ll admit, I’m not the best DIY diva, but there are thousands of amazing, fun and beautiful ideas out there for you to try. They’ll go great with grandma’s china.

Deer head template for my cameo cushions - plus instructions on glittering if needed in future


Layers Aren’t Just for Clothing

I am a big fan of the tablescape. Done right, this can create a point of interest that your guests are sure to remember. Some things to think about? It doesn’t have to be traditional and try and make it symmetrical. Start with a runner as your base (it’s like a rug – stay tuned for more of my insights on how powerful a good floor covering can be) and then add groups of interest as you go. The goal is to tell a story (and make sure you have enough room to eat).

Pumpkin Place Cards - so cute for Fall entertaining and decor! #HomeGoodsHappy

Go Natural

You can’t beat the power or beauty of a botanical. Wreath, tree, poinsettia. These elements bring warmth and life to any room. Just pick your favorite and don’t overdo it. (This is a good idea 365 days a year.)

DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Spaced Out

If your home is layed out right, you should have the room to add a few big elements without much – if any – rearranging. If you’re limited in space, go up. Think table top pieces that keep the flow just right. Wondering if you really do have the best set up? Let me help you – it’s a year-round must.

With slightly larger branches, you can even add ornaments. Image from House to Home.

There’s No Such Thing as Perfect

Number one rule? Don’t strive for perfection. We aren’t perfect, our homes aren’t perfect and our holiday decorations sure shouldn’t be either. Happiness should be your primary goal.




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  1. Jean November 5, 2014 9:55 pm 

    Wonderful expression of the philosophy of simplicity! Thanks Bridgette! In my house, Christmas starts when the wreath is hung.