Spring Rearrange & Refresh

April showers and the start of May flowers means it’s officially spring cleaning season. The perfect opportunity to not only scrub and scour, but to reassess and make room.

recipes for homemade cleaners: all-purpose, disinfectants, windows, kitchen, bathroom, floors, metal polish, laundry, furniture polish and more

As a collector and minimalist (I realize there’s something oxymoronic there), I’m a big proponent of a quarterly purge. It’s a chance to take stock of what’s in your home, see what’s working and what’s not and maybe even provide an excuse for a little shopping.

So where do you start? For me, the kitchen and hall closet are must-do’s every season. Other than that, try and pace yourself. One of the hardest parts of any home project is to avoid getting overwhelmed, so one project at a time.





I will do this the next time I move, only I'll probably have a re-gift box, too. (Or just let friends rummage through the donate box.)

Once you’ve picked the room or space, figure out if it’s working as designed. If something isn’t serving a purpose or doesn’t have a sentimental story, do you need it?

Clutter is the number one style killer. But I get it, we have stuff. This is real life and we have things we’ve inherited, objects we’re attached to, memories that you just can’t bear to part with. That’s okay. Just display that clutter in a pretty way. Baskets, boxes, new shelving can all be ways to keep those knick-knacks that make your home, your home.

Just like the clothing in your closet, the elements in your home always warrant a second a look. Outgrown that artwork? Uncomfortable chair? Ill-fitting coffee table? This is your chance to sell, chuck or my favorite, freecycle: a worldwide network committed to giving and getting without a price tag. After all, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!



Follow these yard sale pricing guidelines to make sure your stuff moves.

And don’t forget about the great American pastime – the yard sale. Spring is yard sale season and it’s the perfect community event to make a little money off some of those hasbeens and to find new tchotchkes. My yard sale rules?  Stick to wood, tables, cabinets, accessories, etc. Basically anything that isn’t upholstery. (Side note – Wingborne Court Trunk Show coming soon. I mean, who doesn’t want to rout through a designers discards? Stay tuned for details.)







How to refresh your living room. Good suggestions! http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/home-makeovers/high-fashion-home-houston?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1451_72438197

But the best part of seasonal re-evaluating? It’s a chance to give yourself something new to look at. If you aren’t ready to buy something, try moving pieces from room to room. With the exception of beds, if your home has the right flow, anything – lamp, table, bookcase – can be picked up and given new life in a new location. I get bored and rearranging or re- purposing in moments like these is a great way for me to fall in love with my house over and over again.

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