Welcome to my house…

Each month we share ideas, resources and plenty of other information about your home. But ever wonder what B. Chic Principal Designer, Brigid Wethington, does with hers? We thought so.

Wethington and her family live in a home conceptualized by Columbia, Maryland visionary James Rouse. The 1975 semi-custom contemporary home in one of Columbia’s original neighborhoods sits at the end of a classic cul-de-sac, surrounded by woods.

That tree canopy – and the cool retreat vibe it conveys – is one of the reasons

Wethington and her husband fell in love with the home. And they take advantage of it, with four huge sliding glass doors that open up into the private backyard.

Wethington’s goal for the interior of the home was very much in keeping with its exterior. It was designed to be retro with a current twist. That means 1970s colors and a hint of mid-century modern accents. With plenty of refurbished hand-me-down furniture, Wethington relied on her professional experience to create a unique home that’s right for her family, and their budget.

When the Wethingtons first moved in, one of the first things they did was change all the paint and lighting and take out the dated closet doors. And true to her advice to plan and only make changes you can handle, almost nine years later she’s in the midst of the next round of updates. They include fresh paint (farewell mod orange and brown) and new cabinetry.

But some of the more fun features are always changing. Much like the tips she shares, Wethington fills her home with cool pieces that tell her family’s story. From an ever growing art collection by some of the favorite artists she’s already mentioned in this space, to the amazing plants and terrariums that are her husband’s specialty.

Here, take a look for yourself!

Powder RoomDining Room (2)



Family Room






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